W.B. (CA)

Before joining the CIDP community, I didn’t think I had any options.

W.B. (CA)
W.B. (CA)
I wanted to share with you my experience since participating in the CIDP community. Before joining I knew of no significant treatment alternatives other than the IVIG treatment that I have been getting for years.

Shortly after joining the group, I learned of a treatment that could shut down the autoimmune response associated with my CIDP. I then spoke to people at Northwestern University that are overseeing this treatment research project. They report a 60-70% success rate. I was also able to make phone contact with one of our group members that went thru the procedure. She is thrilled with her results. I then spoke to my doctor about it and he pointed out a less aggressive option that could also shut down my disease-related autoimmune response.

Bottom line:
Before Ben’s Friends – 0 options
After Ben’s Friends – 2 options

For me, having two options that could shut down the disease is an extraordinary outcome. I attribute 100% of this outcome to Ben’s Friends.