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How Ben’s Friends moderators work as a teamNot only is Ben’s Friends very lucky to have wonderful moderators, the way they work as a team is beyond amazing.
Ben’s Friends Lead InternsOur co-ED, Clasina, had a wonderful chat with our lead interns Arjuna and Danielle where they shared about how they started at Ben’s Friends and the wonderful things they learned so far.
Happy 10th, Living with ADEM Community!Our Living with ADEM Community turned 10 this year! We shared some tips to patients and caregivers on how to better cope with the effects of ADEM.
Podcasts featuring Ben’s FriendsBen’s Friends was featured in three podcasts this year, including Nonprofit SnapCast, Two Disabled Dudes Podcast, and Once Upon a Gene podcast.
How to Prepare for a Doctor’s AppointmentGetting the most out of a doctor’s consultation for a rare disease can be really challenging. We shared some tips to our members so that they can maximize their appointment.
Preparing for a surgeryMany of our members will have to undergo a surgical procedure, so we compiled some of the tips they might find useful.
What is systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)Being an invisible illness, the difficulty of dealing with lupus cannot be easily seen. So we compiled some tips that friends and families of people living with lupus can use to help their loved one.

Helping someone suffering from narcolepsyDealing with the symptoms of narcolepsy is already challenging. People judging them as being rude, lazy, or irresponsible definitely make things a lot worse. We wrote a blog to help raise awareness about this condition.
Why join an online support group? We shared with potential members some of the benefits of joining a rare disease and chronic illness online support group like Ben’s Friends.
Getting the most out of Ben’s Friends communitiesWe’re happy that many people are benefiting from our sites simply by browsing posts. But since interacting with other members can make a huge difference, we shared some tips on how patients and caregivers can really benefit from the Ben’s Friends communities. 
Ben’s Friends launches its Caregiver Support CommunityCaring and advocating for loved ones who are affected by rare diseases have its own unique challenges. Our Caregiver Support Community will allow members to get in touch with other people who know too well the challenges of caring for someone who is affected by a rare disease.
A mother and daughter’s AVM journeyIn this blog, we share the story of Lisa and Kashmir, hoping to inspire others with their amazing story.