Interim Executive Director

The mission of the interim executive director is to 1) build and lead the team for the interim and 2) spearhead important projects, including the search for a permanent executive director.


  1. Assess the Organization: Within first 4 weeks, deliver a report that assesses Ben’s Friends’ from an internal perspective, past, present, and future. What are our strengths, weakness, opportunities, risks. You will interview the team, most mods, and a few members. You will hunt down data (financials, web site traffic) and present the data plus insights collected. Present this back to the board.
  2. Understand Finances: Within first 6 weeks, review and understand our financials in sufficient depth to make projections and initial recommendations. Present them back to the board.
  3. Create Hiring Plan: Within 8 weeks, create a hiring plan based on our direction, our current staff, and our needs.
  4. Initiate Search For Permanent Executive Director: Within three months, have a hiring plan, a hiring funnel set up, and a few initial interviews conducted to test the process.


  1. Growth Mindset: openness to feedback, eagerness to learn, personal development
  2. Humility: self-awareness, servant leader not just a leader, willing to do whatever it takes
  3. Leadership: positive attitude, ability to inspire and motivate, ability to coach and develop
  4. Emotional Intelligence: great communication, empathy, motivation
  5. Organizational Ability: time management, task management, prioritization, team task management, tidiness
  6. Attention to Detail: precise execution, intolerance for sloppiness
  7. Persistence: follow-through, confidence
  8. Analytical Ability: logical problem solving, creative problem solving
  9. Honesty: unimpeachable ethics
  10. Sense of Humor: enjoyable to work with and be around


Email a cover letter and CV/resume to